6 tips to get back to a healthy life after the holidays

6 tips to get back to a healthy life after the holidays

The long jump in the holidays is over and it’s time to return to earth, even if you don’t really want to. We will tell you how to do it carefully and well.

  1. Start by normalizing nutrition

Healthy eating is about consuming your favourite food within the proportions of the Harvard plate, without excessive psychological fixation on food and overeating. Healthy eating ratios are developed by Harvard Medical School and are promoted by nutritionists and nutritionists as the foundation of good nutrition. In short, half of your diet by volume should be vegetables and fruits, a quarter – various sources of proteins, another quarter – complex carbohydrates (pasta, buckwheat, oatmeal, bulgur and other grains).


Start with these proportions in the diet – usually enough to gradually begin to normalize nutrition and weight.

But if it is important to lose weight in a guaranteed and controlled manner, observe a small calorie deficit (up to 10-20% of your norm, which can be calculated on a calculator). But by no means starving or punishing yourself for holiday excesses – this is a dangerous path that can end up with even more overeating and unhealthy relationships with food.

Do not completely exclude food groups that are important for health, for example, the same carbohydrates – they are important to you not only for energy, but also for supporting immunity. Keep track of the sources of D vitamins in the diet (cod liver, oily fish, eggs), in the cold season in most of Russia this issue is especially relevant. A varied diet rich in vegetables and various sources of protein will not leave you without vitamins.

Give up alcohol, or at least reduce it to 1 “drink” per day – this is the equivalent of a conventionally safe daily dose, corresponding to 1 glass of wine, or 1 serving of spirits, or 1 bottle of beer.


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  1. Add light activity

Don’t rush into the gym with 3-4 intense workouts per week. Start slowly and easily. After a long break, it is better not to refine the first few workouts and stop the load when the level of fatigue reaches about 5 points out of 10 according to your approximate personal assessment, where 0 means “I didn’t notice anything”, and 10 means “I can hardly crawl out of the gym”.

Planning your return to physical activity is a great idea. Alternatively, add daily walking to your life. More fresh air, more sunshine, which is already scarce in winter.

  1. Use healthy stimulants: tea, coffee

In the morning, healthy stimulants like coffee or tea can help boost performance and mood. Don’t be afraid of coffee: the officially safe dose for an adult is up to 400 mg of caffeine per day (that’s about 4-5 cups of coffee). Contrary to popular myths about harm, science is more likely to find it a healthy drink. For example, coffee contains potassium, calcium, sodium, iron, sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen, magnesium, chlorine, B vitamins, as well as organic acids – malic, citric, coffee. A similar list for tea.

When consumed regularly, for example, coffee (like tea) does not cause dehydration, but, on the contrary, has a number of health-promoting effects, including increased mood, increased concentration, and improved memory. This drink can normalize both high and low blood pressure. It is important to understand that coffee and tea can be addictive – which, however, is not a big deal if you do not exceed the daily dosage.

Many people write that you need to drink plenty of water. Yes, water is also no less healthy drink than others, the main thing is not to pour it into yourself by force, this is fraught with stress on the kidneys and the body as a whole. Experts recommend focusing on the feeling of thirst and the color of urine – if it is light, then there is no dehydration.

  1. Normalize your daily routine: get enough sleep, but don’t sleep too much

Sleep is the number one recovery method. If you don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis, then nothing beats the effectiveness of getting enough sleep.

Basic tips for normalizing sleep: walking before going to bed, not going to bed hungry or overeating, not looking at the screens of a smartphone, TV or computer a couple of hours before bedtime, not drinking caffeinated drinks or other stimulants before going to bed, ventilating the room and sleeping in the dark. Denis Fedoryaka, a psychotherapist and researcher at the Institute of the Brain of the Russian Academy of Sciences, recommends improving sleep through ritual actions: for example, brewing herbal tea an hour before bedtime, meditating, doing muscle relaxation exercises, and turning on calm music.

Experts also do not recommend sleeping too long. If you regularly find it difficult to tear your head off the pillow even after 9-10 hours of sleep, then this is a reason to look for the cause with your doctors.

  1. Start generally slowly and gently.

Labor experts have calculated that in the first days after a long vacation, an employee’s labor productivity may even be 30% of the usual. It is important here not to try to develop maximum speed and activity in the first working days, pushing yourself with a sense of guilt. Psychotherapist Denis Fedoryaka advises to start the working week with a load that does not exceed the usual one, do not overwhelm employees and yourself with megatasks in the first days.

The effect is given by loads with a gradual increase. If you overwhelm yourself at the very beginning, then you risk breaking healthy natural progress.

Do not start doing all your New Year’s affairs at once and at full capacity, break them down into smaller subtasks, “you need to eat the elephant in parts” – this will make it easier to master everything planned and you will not be disappointed in the lack of results.

  1. “Eat the elephant in parts”

Break big tasks into small ones. Even one small completed task can charge you with the energy of the result and the enthusiasm for the next.

The first “little thing” might be cleaning the fridge! Throw away all expired and forgotten foods, open canned food and long-started packs of mayonnaise. You will feel better and free up space for fresh food.

It’s great if you put things in order not only in the refrigerator, but also in the apartment. Take off your Christmas decorations and remove the tree without waiting for March. Thus, you will put an end to the New Year holidays and start an active new year.shilajit


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