Can hair loss after childbirth be avoided?

Can hair loss after childbirth be avoided?

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Many women experience hair loss during pregnancy or after childbirth. If this happened to you …

Why is this happening?

During pregnancy, estrogen levels rise in the body, which promotes hair growth. If usually about 100 hairs fall out a day, then during pregnancy this process stops, so the hair becomes strong, lush and shiny. The exception is women, whose hair condition deteriorates already during pregnancy – hormonal changes become great stress for their body, and the hair takes the first blow in this situation.

Big changes come after childbirth, when estrogen levels drop little by little and the body returns to a pre-pregnant state. Hair that was held firmly on the head during pregnancy begins to fall out. Hormonal changes not only cause hair loss, but also a change in their appearance: hair can become thin, dull and lifeless.

Approximately two months after giving birth, the body regains its balance, and the restoration of the normal state of hair begins – many new small hairs appear at the border of hair growth. You can wait until nature has done its job, but in order to improve the situation, you can do something yourself.


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How to improve hair condition?

– Approach the problem from the inside. Weak, brittle hair often suffers from mineral deficiencies. If the daily diet is not balanced, supplements will come to the rescue. It is important to maintain normal levels of iron, copper, zinc and vitamin D in the body.

– Maintain a positive attitude! That’s right – reduce your stress levels and get a good night’s sleep. Stress interferes with hair growth and leads to premature hair loss. Getting rid of stress is not always easy, but you just need to start to rest normally and learn to relax; this will energize your body and give your hair roots enough energy to withstand stress.

– Eat right. If the body is deficient in nutrients, it is not surprising that hair also suffers. Protein is a very important building block for hair, that is, the protein that strengthens it and prevents hair loss. Protein is found in large quantities in meat, fish, milk, nuts (in particular, almonds) and eggs. For scalp problems, probiotic supplements can be added to the diet.

– Try special hair care products. Hair growth promoters support capillary circulation in the scalp and strengthen the hair roots. They can be supplied in the form of shampoos, balms, serums, and nutritional supplements. To get the result, you need to complete the full course. Check out the Shilajit range here.

– Consult your family doctor. Sometimes massive hair loss can indicate a health problem that can be dealt with by a specialist and medications. Long-term medication can also affect hair – in this case, consult your doctor or pharmacist.


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