Canceled wedding due to corona virus: how to get out with minimal losses?

Canceled wedding due to corona virus: how to get out with minimal losses?

The difficult situation with the rapid spread of the coronavirus is making adjustments even to the plans of those who were not going to leave the country. Socially responsible couples in love are forced to cancel or reschedule planned weddings. For many, this is not only an emotional blow, but also a financial one. Is it possible to return the money invested in a failed celebration?


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Force circumstances

In standard contracts for the provision of services by contractors, as a rule, there is a clause about force majeure, or force majeure circumstances. The situation with the spread of coronavirus is recognized as such: people refuse events not of their own free will.

The interpretation of this clause of the agreement depends to a large extent on the humanity and decency of the parties. But photographers, videographers, graphic designers, and other professionals who have not yet provided actual services are usually accommodating by returning funds contributed by customers.

Have you already rented a restaurant or a banquet hall , made an advance payment or a full prepayment? You will almost certainly be welcomed when the date of the banquet changes. In a situation of total quarantine, it is quite possible that the site owners will not impose any fines for postponing the holiday. If you want to cancel the event and collect the money, the advance payment will most likely not be returned.

Why can’t you get your money back?

It will not be possible to cancel services that have already been performed by contractors or are in progress. For example:

Invitation cards. The designer who designed and made the invitations is not to blame for the fact that you had to cancel or reschedule your wedding day.

Floristics. If flowers for your holiday have already been ordered and are on their way, you will have to pay for them in full.

For other non-custom bridal products, they can be returned to stores within 14 days on standard terms under the Consumer Protection Act. For example, you can take a wedding dress and suit to the salon if they were not altered for you, i.e. if the original presentation has not changed. Shilajit


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