Diet and exercise – A winning combination of quality weight loss

Diet and exercise – A winning combination of quality weight loss

A winning combination of quality weight loss, not just quantitative weight loss. Here’s how it works.

Eating less or eliminating certain foods from your diet is the wrong path to weight loss. Losing weight in this way can be not only harmful, but even dangerous, because you run the risk of limiting the supply of nutrients vital to your body. If you want to lose weight wisely, then the only sure way is to combine exercise and proper nutrition. Physical activity and nutrition are actually two complementary elements that will help you:

  • – burn more calories than you consume;
  • – reduce calorie intake by cutting down (not eliminating) the intake of food containing too many calories, thereby reducing the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease, diabetes and high blood pressure;
  • – improve your athletic performance.

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Strong link between physical activity and diet

Diet plays a significant role, even if you are a physically active person, as among the many different foods, some promote physical activity more and others less.

For example, if you do aerobics, you need a lot of carbohydrates to avoid the problems associated with sugar deficiency. If, on the other hand, you are prone to strength training, you need an increased amount of protein.

Combining good nutrition and exercise also includes optimizing food intake, and adopting some guidelines for the interval between meals and the start of a workout can also greatly increase efficiency.

Digestion requires energy, and therefore less “fuel” is left for your other loads.

Naturally, different foods take different times to digest. So, for example, the digestion of fatty foods takes longer (even more than 4 hours) than carbohydrates (1-2 hours).Shilajit

How many nutrients do you need for moderate physical activity?

The combination of diet and exercise will help you reduce body fat without compromising your muscle mass, and will also increase your metabolically active mass.

Energy gain from the consumption of the three main macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) will vary depending on your lifestyle.

In general, carbohydrates should make up approximately 60% of your individual needs, 25% fat and 15% protein. By choosing to exercise regularly, you can increase or decrease the amount of carbohydrates and fats in your diet. You can reduce your intake on days of low physical activity.

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