Healthy Heart – Questions and Answers

Healthy Heart – Questions and Answers

Heart disease is perhaps the most serious problem in modern medicine. After all, it is precisely because of cardiovascular diseases that in most cases people lose health and even life. To avoid heart disease, you need to know why they arise, how to deal with them, and what absolutely should not be done. You will find answers to many popular questions in this article.

Question: How to determine that something is wrong with the heart?

Answer: The most common symptom is chest pain. Meanwhile, it is worth remembering that there are many nerve endings in the chest in general, therefore not all pain in the sternum is heart pain. If you feel pressing or burning pain, it is still best to see a doctor. Often such pain signals serious illnesses: angina pectoris, heart aneurysm, myocardial infarction and others.

Constantly changing, “jumping” pressure is also a sign of heart problems. It is impossible to talk about malfunctions if the pressure dropped or rose sharply once. But if this happens periodically, or even constantly, be sure to visit a doctor.
Heart diseases are often accompanied by a general deterioration in well-being. Feeling of constant fatigue, weakness, general weakness can be signs of heart disease.

Question: What can trigger heart disease?

Answer: An organism, as you know, is a system in which all organs are connected. Therefore, there are a lot of provocateurs in heart disease.

The most common cause of heart disease is the lifestyle of the modern city dweller. Low mobility, the desire for maximum comfort and constant stress, provoking a weakening of the body and being overweight are the most common causes of heart disease.

The heart is an organ that supplies oxygen to the entire body through the vascular system. Therefore, the activity of the heart is closely related to breathing. Dirty air in big cities, smoking, and improper breathing techniques are the second most common causes of heart disease.

In addition, the heart carries nutrients throughout the body with the help of blood vessels, which enter our body along with food. Improper diet is also dangerous for the heart.

Finally, heredity can be the cause of heart disease. Please note: heredity is not at all a decisive factor! A far greater danger to your heart is posed by poor lifestyle choices, diet and bad habits.

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Question: What is good for the heart?

Answer: The heart is a part of the body, so the same is useful for it as for the entire system: good nutrition and moderate physical activity.
When it comes to nutrition, the most heart-healthy foods are fresh fruits, legumes, cereals, green vegetables, wild berries, fish, mushrooms, dark chocolate, and walnuts.

As for useful physical activity, the heart responds especially gratefully to breathing exercises, light jogging, swimming and all kinds of sports games. The heart does not like speed competitions, it is much easier for him to take long sessions than short and high-speed ones.

Q: What foods and what kinds of sports can be bad for the heart?

Answer: The most harmful products for the heart are modified fats (margarines), smoked sausages, fish caviar, alcohol.

They not only fill the vessels with harmful cholesterol, as a result of which it becomes difficult for the heart to “pump” blood. Many of them, overexciting the nervous system, knock down the heart rate.

As we have already said, the heart does not like high-speed loads. The heart does not accept fast running, fast cycling, high-speed strength loads (like exercises with a barbell), as well as extreme sports.

Question: What heart diseases can be permanently cured? Which ones are not treated?

Answer: Everything except death can be cured! But sometimes the treatment requires a truly heroic effort. To get rid of the disease, you need to eliminate the cause of its occurrence, and this, unfortunately, not everyone can do. With a strong will, you can rebuild your lifestyle, diet, eliminate basic stresses, and go in for sports.

But only a new way of life should not be a temporary measure – it should stay with you forever. Only in this case can you get rid of even the most severe heart disease.

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