Homeschooling: 10 Important Tips for Parents

Homeschooling: 10 Important Tips for Parents

Because of the coronavirus, life has changed dramatically: schools are introducing remote education, parents work from home. Experts from the National Parents’ Association, with the support of the Ministry of Education, have compiled 10 good tips to help the whole family spend time at home.

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  • Make a daily schedule for the whole family. Help your child manage time between study and rest. Don’t forget creativity and sports.
  • Digital harmony. Online learning increases the child’s online time. But do not forbid him to use gadgets in his spare time. Try to find a balance together.
  • Pay attention to children’s online interests. Discuss topics of concern together. This will give you more opportunities to shield your children from negative content.
  • Safety comes first: explain to your child that you cannot open the apartment door to strangers. Explain how to behave in an emergency.

  •  Remind your child to exercise between classes, play sports together.

  • Don’t forget about proper nutrition. Three main meals – and three “healthy” snacks a day.

  • Broaden your horizons: set aside half an hour a day to actively search for interesting things. The Internet is a storehouse of information, discoveries are guaranteed for you.
  • Use the free time to communicate with your child
  •  Read together, watch movies, put on a family show, or make a family album.
  • Help each other. Children will help you explore the possibilities of the digital environment, and you will help them filter content.
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