How long do dogs live and how to extend their life?

How long do dogs live and how to extend their life?

Don’t forget about vaccinations and follow your pet’s diet.


How many different breeds of dogs live

It largely depends on the size. Long-lived dogs are more common among miniature dogs. For example, some Spitz and Chihuahuas live up to 15 years, medium and large dogs usually live from 10 to 13 years, and some giant breeds, such as mastiffs, about 7-8 years.

Representatives of breeds with certain characteristics have difficulties. For example, in brachycephalic. These include pugs, Pekingese, bulldogs and other dogs with short snouts. Often they have problems with the respiratory system due to anatomy.

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Here is the average dataHow Long Do Dogs Live? A Complete Guide to Canine Lifespan for some popular breeds:

English Cocker Spaniel – 11.5 years old;

English Setter – 11.5 years old;

Afghan Hound – 12 years old;

beagle – 12.5 years old;

Bichon Frize – 13 years old;

border collie – 13 years old;

border terrier – 14 years old;

boxer – 10 years old;

bearded collie – 13.5 years old;

bulldog – 6 years old;

bull terrier – 10 years old;

Greyhound – 9 years old;

Jack Russell Terrier – 13.5 years old;

Deerhound – 8.5 years

Doberman – 10.5 years;

Irish Setter – 12 years old;

Yorkshire Terrier – 12.5 years old;

golden retriever – 12 years old;

miniature poodle – 14 years old;

Labrador Retriever – 12 years old;

mastiff – 7 years old;

pug – 11 years old;

Great Dane – 6.5 years;

Newfoundland – 9.5 years

straight-haired retriever – 10 years old;

Rottweiler – 9 years old;

Chihuahua – 12.5 years old;

Airedale Terrier – 11 years old.

All these indicators are rather arbitrary and can change under the influence of various factors: conditions of detention, diet, diseases and more.

As for mixed breed dogs, according to research Estimating the Life Expectancy of Companion Dogs in Japan Using Pet Cemetery Data, they live on average 1.2 years longer than their purebred counterparts.

How to extend a dog’s life

How long a dog will live depends largely on its owners. Follow
these simple tips to create the right environment for your pet.

1. Take care of your dog’s health

Take your pet to the vet periodically, even if the four-legged
friend seems perfectly healthy. This will help identify hidden ailments in
the early stages. Vaccinate your dog against plague, rabies, leptospirosis
and other dangerous diseases. And then, do not skip the scheduled booster
vaccinations, which are usually done every year.

2. Feed your dog properly

Choose a diet that is appropriate for your pet’s weight, age, and
breed. Consider the chronic diseases that the animal has. If you find
it difficult to do it yourself, consult your veterinarian.

Make sure your dog has access to clean water. This is
especially true in hot summer.

Serve food in small portions that meet the needs of your faithful
companion. Do not overfeed or become obese.



 ResearchOverweight dogs may live shorter livesscientists
from the University of Liverpool have shown that overweight animals live
less. The numbers vary by breed. So, obesity can shorten the life of
a male German shepherd dog for up to six months, and in the case of Yorkshire
terriers we are talking about two and a half years.


3. Practice with your dog

Give your pet enough attention, play with it, and do not
miss a walk yet.


 Dogs are needed11 Ways You’re Shortening Your Dog’s Lifedaily physical activity. They help to maintain good shape and vigor, as well as have a positive effect on health. Depending on the pet’s needs, you can combine different options: walking, running, grabbing, playing games such as pulling, and even swimming.

Monitor the condition of your pet while exercising and walking. Give your dog a break if you notice11 Ways You’re Shortening Your Dog’s Life excessive shortness of breath or lethargy.



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