How to become social media star?

How to become social media star?

How to get popular on social media? Probably, this question was asked by everyone who uses social networks not only as a platform for communicating with friends, but wants to get something more from them. Of course, if you are a famous actor, politician or athlete, your life will be interested without any effort on your part. But if you are a simple person, then you have to earn “social” popularity.

How to become more popular on social media: some helpful tips

How to become more famous on social media? Probably, this question was asked by everyone who not only uses social networks as a platform for communicating with friends, but also wants to get something more from them. Of course, if you are a famous actor, politician, journalist or athlete, then your life will be interested without any effort on your part. But if you are an ordinary person, then you have to earn “social” popularity.

Choosing a social network

The first step to becoming famous in a particular social network is the correct choice of the target audience, namely the social network itself. In this case, the main criterion is your specialization, which will become the basis for promotion. Remember that both you and the content you create must be of interest to the “inhabitants” of the chosen network. Thus, the target audience should be determined first. This could be a group of long-distance photography enthusiasts, notes from a car enthusiast, or a news feed on your favorite topic.

It is equally important that your content matches the format of the chosen social network. For a blog, full-fledged articles covering the chosen topic are desirable, and for promotion on forums or in social media groups, small messages of a suitable topic may be quite sufficient. By the way, if you want to become a famous figure in the field of professional activity, do not neglect thematic forums. Agree, even 100 readers from the target audience is much better than 1000 subscribers, who do not care about you and your work. A similar recommendation can be made for projects focused on a specific region (especially when it comes to capitals). If you plan to become popular on the news topic, then promptly notify about important events. This will take you to the top of the search results.

Also, do not lose sight of Twitter, which can become both the main promotion tool, thanks to the ability to quickly disseminate useful information, and an auxiliary tool that helps readers follow blog updates or the life of a group.If you take seriously the issue of your own promotion in social networks, then you should not be limited to one social network. For example, you can create a VKontakte and Facebook group, publish your texts on a personal blog and on specialized portals, and use Twitter for announcements. This approach will allow you to attract maximum attention by gathering people from different social networks around you and your project. The main thing is that the object to which attention is drawn is worthy.

Form and content

The second step is getting it right. Do you remember the popular wisdom – “they meet by their clothes”? The same works for popularization on social networks. If we are talking about a blog, then it should have an attractive design and the general style of its design should correspond to the topic. Avoid clumsy, different styles on different pages, or other prefab villager.  

When promoting on social networks, you should be very careful when filling out your own profile. Agree, a half-empty account will generate much less interest than a real person living an active life on the social network. If we are talking about a site or a blog, then you should add plugins of the most popular social networks to it, allowing you to express your attitude (“Like”, “Class”) and share the link with your friends in one touch.

The third step is content. Regardless of what exactly you do – whether you write articles, publish news, participate in discussions or moderate them, your actions should be of interest to the target audience. And here everything is in your hands. Remember, the content must be of high quality, and therefore you should not treat your blog or social network as a place where you can write all sorts of nonsense – this will not bring popularity. Rather, on the contrary, many, having become acquainted with such “creativity”, will wish to add you to the black list. For example, the popular LiveJournal blogger with the nickname Drugoy began with a simple publication of interesting photos, and now he is a respected “media” and a frequent guest in the Kremlin.

It is also equally important to be in touch with your readers. Always answer their questions and listen to suggestions. Remember, with a person who looks down on his interlocutors and does not respect their opinion, no one wants to communicate either in the real or in the virtual world. You should also monitor the correctness of communication – any constructive discussion activates the audience’s interest and desire to participate, and if the argument turns into swearing, then this usually causes disgust. The same approach should be used when moderating groups – communication should be positive and friendly.

Forward to the top!

After you have selected a social network (or networks), registered and configured accounts, and created and posted the minimum required amount of content, you should proceed to the next step, which is to popularize your resource. To become truly successful, promotion through “your friends and friends of your friends” is not enough, especially when it comes to the VKontakte or Facebook group. The more participants in the group, the more lively the discussions and the more qualified the answers to questions, which means that the group will not only exist, but also live an active life. No wonder the largest portals, for example Engadget, place Facebook widgets in the most prominent places.

At first, you should actively attract attention to yourself. And here we are talking not so much about advertising as about their own actions. To arouse interest in your person, you will need to “light up”, for example, by commenting on the blogs of famous people or replies to their posts, actively participating in discussions in popular groups or other similar actions. In addition, when participating in discussions, you should show your best side as an adequate and well-versed person. It will also be useful to check in in groups with similar topics. By the way, it is easiest to achieve popularity in thematic groups and forums – a good reputation and fame can be gained simply by competently helping other users with their problems. Although advertising will also not be superfluous, especially at first,

A little about Twitter

Nowadays, Twitter has become a rather powerful means of disseminating a wide variety of information, so you should not neglect it to popularize yourself or your blog. Fame on Twitter begins with filling out your own profile (bio), according to which you will be “met” by other users of the service. Naturally, there you must not only indicate your name, but also provide as much useful information about your occupation as possible. Moreover, in terms of style, this description should be not only informative, but also interesting. It is also a good idea to include a photo or a suitable logo.

The second important point for Twitter is communication style. If you just intend to communicate with friends, then messages like “I’m sleeping” or “I’m having dinner” are quite acceptable. But why then strive for popularity? Messages aimed at a wider audience should be more informative. And even when they talk about your personal life. For example, “I dine there. Reasonable prices and delicious food pleases ”. By the way, after such a message it is worth citing a few more, but more detailed ones. If Twitter is used to post news, then each link should be accompanied by a short and informative headline. The famous “twitter” @olyapka writes, for example, about his life, but does not forget to share the latest news and interesting facts, and this attracts readers. And the much more popular @koffboy just posts jokes,

The next step is to popularize your microblog. The classic way is to automatically add friends (mass following), subscribe to a large number of accounts with the expectation that they will also take you to their “followers”. A striking example of mass following is a Twitter user with the nickname @ekozlov, who is followed on Twitter by about 95 thousand people, and he himself reads 74 thousand accounts. And often mass following is carried out using special programs that allow you to massively subscribe to random users. However, it should be admitted that this path is unlikely to be correct. To become really popular, it is better to “follow” users yourself, carefully selecting each new one, and special attention should be paid to subscribing to users with similar interests and a large audience.

As you can see, you can become megapopular on social media. But you need to take this seriously, not letting things go by chance and, of course, regularly update your blog. And then luck will definitely smile on you.

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