How to recognize a threat of miscarriage at an early stage?

How to recognize a threat of miscarriage at an early stage?

Unfortunately, miscarriage is quite common among pregnant women. Despite all the advances in modern medicine, the threat of interruption is still a rather formidable diagnosis for an expectant mother.

It is almost impossible to independently determine the threat of miscarriage in the first weeks of pregnancy. All signs of this formidable condition are no different from a normally developing pregnancy


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Minor discomfort in the very bottom of the abdomen, as well as the feeling of tension, are characteristic of pregnancy. Another sign should alert you – aching pain in the lower abdomen, more reminiscent of menstrual pain, which radiates to the back and lower back.

Perceptible discomfort does not go away without medication, returning with each change of position, and sometimes at rest. Often, there is a discharge of varying intensity from the genitals. They can be from light to dark red. In this case, of course, an urgent appeal to a specialist is necessary.

Doctors reassure expectant mothers, until about 20 weeks of pregnancy, even with its normal development, pains in the groin and side may be a little disturbing. They can occur with intense walking and abrupt changes in body position, but they pass very quickly.

Doctors associate this discomfort with a significantly increased load on the ligamentous apparatus of the growing uterus. This condition does not require special treatment; most often the doctor will recommend only limiting physical activity. But this does not mean at all that you should not go to the hospital with these problems.


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