Lose weight with motivation

Lose weight with motivation

According to statistics, approximately 50% of women and 30% of men are overweight. About where it comes from, how to understand how many calories your body needs, and how not to “break” during a diet, tells the gastroenterologist-nutritionist Yulia Yurievna Asanina.

How can you independently determine whether you are overweight or not? And when does a few extra pounds grow into obesity?

– It is easy to determine whether you are overweight – for this, the so-called body mass index, or BMI, is widely used in world practice. To calculate it, you need to divide your own weight in kilograms by the height in meters squared. If your BMI exceeds 30, you can talk about obesity. There is another method – you need to determine the ratio of the waist circumference to the hip circumference. For women, this figure should not exceed 0.9, for men – 1.

Serious excess of body mass index and even more obesity are really dangerous. Obesity increases the risk of developing diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, liver damage, ischemic liver disease, arthritis, and some others.

– Why has the problem of excess weight become so urgent?

– This is largely the result of changes in the way of life in modern society. Life has become more dynamic, there is often not enough time to eat regularly, more and more people eat late, at the same time, the physical activity of the population decreases, because we are mainly busy with office work. As a result, more and more often we consume more calories than we spend – and this is how excess weight occurs. In addition, some diseases, hereditary predisposition and even psychological problems can become the cause of excess weight.

– What procedures await a person who applies to the Weight Correction Center?

– Before engaging in direct weight correction, we conduct an examination of the patient, including laboratory diagnostics and consultations with specialists of various profiles. For example, we do a blood test, including for hormones, determine the body composition (percentage of adipose, muscle tissue), measure height and weight indicators. The next step is to analyze the patient’s diet and identify nutritional errors. Then – directly correction with the help of dietary recommendations, physiotherapy exercises, and, if necessary, drug treatment. In addition, a visit to a psychologist is provided, which helps the patient to tune in to change his lifestyle, supports, not letting him “break down”. Also in our Center there is a cosmetologist who helps to individually select the means that allow the skin to remain young and fit, despite losing weight. After all, simply losing weight is not a goal, the goal is to take care of health, beauty and longevity, as well as to maintain the achieved results.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that although we are now talking mainly about reducing excess body weight, the very term “weight correction” implies exactly the normalization of weight, so our specialists work with such problems as anorexia. In addition, in our Center there is a pediatric gastroenterologist who is engaged in weight correction in children and adolescents, and we also help solve the problem of excess weight in women after childbirth and during breastfeeding.


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– Yulia Yurievna, returning to the topic of excess weight, let’s clarify what influences the choice of diet?

– When choosing a diet, you need to take into account a variety of factors, for example, taste preferences, allergic diseases, comorbidities, changes in analyzes, lifestyle, degree of physical activity. It is very difficult to take into account all these nuances on their own, therefore so many people go through one diet after another, without achieving the desired result.

– What steps can help diet success? How not to drop everything halfway?

– For success, the initial strong motivation of the patient is very important, because during a diet it is often necessary not only to give up many favorite dishes, but also to spend time choosing and preparing food, changing the diet, and sometimes increasing food costs. You need to be ready for this and immediately answer yourself the question of why you are willing to endure these restrictions, why do you want to lose weight. A strong motivator is concern for health and longevity. Hundreds of studies have proven that normalizing weight significantly reduces the risk of developing diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension, and certain cancers. However, you should not blame extra pounds for all your troubles and wait for the result immediately, because in order to cope with serious obesity, it often takes from several months to a year. Look for support from like-minded people: go on a diet with a friend, visit specialized forums. Live a full life, do not postpone entertainment, relaxation, flirting, travel until the moment when you find the desired body. Don’t give up and then everything will work out!


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