Many Youths want to be a footballer

Many Youths want to be a footballer

A professional footballer is a player on a soccer team whose main goal is to win the match. To do this, you need to score goals into the opponent’s goal and try not to let into your own.


  • History
  • Description
  • Specialties and educational institutions
  • Duties
  • Who suits
  • How much get
  • Career
  • Perspectives

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History of the profession Before starting the story, we consider it important to warn. The profession of a football player is not suitable for everyone. If you or your child is still in school, we strongly recommend taking a professional career guidance program . By spending a small amount of money now, you can save years of life later. People have played like a ball for centuries. So, the Maya Indians tried to get into the ring with their elbows, the ancient Romans played harpastum, and the ancient Greeks played episyros. All this fun can hardly be called football, since each game had its own rules, but in general they can be called the predecessors of today’s # 1 game in the world. In the Middle Ages, Gaelic football, sulu, lelo burti and other football-like games were played in different countries. Around the 14th century, Calcio, a game reminiscent of a mixture of modern football and rugby, began to be played in Florence. It is believed that later this game became famous in England and was the basis for English football.


The 19th century became crucial in the history of the most famous game today. Its popularity in England grew rapidly: teams from universities, villages, different professions and even beer halls competed among themselves. In 1857, the world’s first football club was founded in Sheffield, and in 1863 the Football Association of England was established, which was engaged in the unification of the rules of the game. This led to the final rupture between football and rugby. In 1885, after lengthy discussions, professional football was legalized, and thus the profession of a football player appeared. Description and characteristics of the profession In a football match, 11 players from each team take part, the game lasts 90 minutes, in cup matches, if the result is a draw, extra time is assigned (30 minutes), after which it is sometimes necessary to shoot a penalty shootout to determine the winner. Football teams on the pitch operate in accordance with the strategies developed by the coaching staff. Coaches, based on the characteristics of the opponent’s game and the potential of their own players, build tactical schemes (4-4-2, 3-5-2, 4-3-3, etc.). Each player on the field performs certain functions, attacking the opponent’s goal or defending his own.


Football teams come in different levels. The strongest players play in the top division clubs. For example, now in Russia the following hierarchy of professional football clubs is established: Premier League. Football National League. Professional football league – the second division, divided into subgroups (Center, East, South, Ural-Volga region and West). The third and fourth divisions are already formed from amateur clubs, in which the players play on a non-professional basis. All divisions use a circular system of games, when opponents meet each other twice, the winner is the club with the most points. Also, a number of cup competitions are held, where games are played “to take off”. Championships and cup tournaments are held every year.

Directions, specialties and educational institutions by training profile .

Many boys have been dreaming of football since childhood and want to know how to become a football player. You do not need to graduate from any educational institution for this. The future ball stars usually start playing football in youth sports schools.

The most suitable age to start training is 6-7 years. Some guys start out with athletics and then move on to football. There is no point in coming to professional football at the age of 20, because at this age the player should already be fully formed.


Before getting into big football, you will have to go through all the stages of mastery formation, i.e. children’s, youth, junior, youth teams inside the football club. And only if the challenger shows his best side, you can count on entering the field as part of the main team. It is not necessary for a football player to study at a university, although some players think in advance about what they will do after the end of their professional career. Such highly organized and systematic people enter the correspondence departments of universities and master another profession of their choice, combining their studies with performing for the team. Often footballers choose the coaching path, therefore they study in the relevant specialties of universities. 

Professional responsibilities

The main duty of a player on the football field is to play so that your team wins. However, each of the players has their own specialization, so their functions in the game may differ significantly.

Goalkeeper. This is the only player allowed to play with his hands. He is always within the penalty area and the goalkeeper’s area, his position is the last line of goal defense. In addition, the goalkeeper directs the actions of the defensive line players. Given the importance of this position, most top clubs have introduced individual coach positions for goalkeepers.

Defenders. These are back-row players, whose duties include interfering with opponents, taking the ball away from them, securing partners and, if skillful, starting the attack with the first pass. Defenders also have specialization. Center-backs are tall, powerful players who play well with their heads, which is important when riding from the flanks. They defend the goal, often go to the opponent’s goal for corner kicks and free kicks. Previously, there was still a free defender (libero) who cleaned up the flaws of partners, but now most teams play “in the line”, so this specialization has become irrelevant. Flank defenders (laterals), which usually become athletes with high speed and endurance. Their task is to counteract the flanking midfielders and attackers of the opponent, to support the attack. The best laterals are able to close the entire edge on their own, having time to work out both in defense and in attack.


These are the players in the middle of the field. In modern football, mastering the central beachhead is the most important component of victory. Each coach forms the squad in accordance with his own vision, but most often there are four specializations of midfield players. A defensive midfielder is a player drawn closer to the line of defense who works to disrupt the opponent’s attacks. In this position, he must have high efficiency, rigidity, tenacity and unyielding. Wing midfielders, in conjunction with flank defenders, ensure the game at the edges of the field, opposing the winger and the opposing attackers. The attacking midfielder plays under the attackers, creating chances and scoring goals. Sometimes there are cases when a team enters the field without forwards at all, in which case the function of hitting the opponent’s goal is assigned to the attacking midfielders. The playmaker is the name given to a football player who “makes the game.” Usually this is the most talented player on the field, capable, like a chess player, of calculating moves in advance, changing the rhythm of the game or the direction of attack. Such athletes are highly regarded.

Striker (forward). This is the player who has to score the most goals. Also, when the ball is lost, he first begins to put pressure on the opponent’s defenders, preventing them from quickly starting an attack. Forwards can play both along the entire front of the attack, and gravitate towards the flanks, or work “at the forefront.” Shilajit

We have listed the main tasks of the players on the field. In addition, you need to train daily (usually 2 times), observe the regimen (eat right, rest, give up bad habits), undergo a medical examination, participate in various presentation or charity events of the club.

Who suits

Becoming a football player is the dream of many boys, and more recently, girls, as women’s football is developing rapidly. But becoming a good player is not easy. This requires the following qualities:


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  • dedication and perseverance,
  • patience and discipline,
  • responsibility and psychological stability,
  • good health,
  • physical strength and endurance,
  • willingness to constantly work on oneself,
  • ability to work in a team,
  • logical thinking,
  • faith in yourself,
  • ability to concentrate attention,
  • excellent coordination of movements,
  • fast reaction.


The advantages of the profession are the opportunity to do what you love, visit different cities and countries, playing in leading clubs, vivid emotions from victories and defeats, love of fans, the opportunity to make good money.

The disadvantages include a high level of injuries, occupational illnesses and injuries, constant competition for a place in the first team, early career retirement, difficulties with forming a family, and contempt of fans after unsuccessful matches.


The pay level of football players varies greatly depending on the league, club and the abilities of the player himself. The most expensive footballers of the Russian Premier League can receive from 3 to 5 million euros per year, the rest less. In the second league, athletes receive several tens of thousands of rubles a month. It is difficult to determine more precisely the level of income, since the details of the players’ contracts are usually not disclosed. An additional opportunity for football players to earn money is bonus for victories and advertising contracts.

How to build a career.

The career of a football player consists in increasing his contractual income, moving to a more prestigious Russian or foreign club. The pinnacle of a career is considered to be a call to the national team of their country: this does not bring much direct profit, but indicates the recognition of talent and contributes to the development of further professional career

. Profession prospects

If a person from childhood dreams of devoting himself to football, is ready to endure difficulties on the way to the goal and has talent, then he can reach professional heights. However, before becoming a football player, you need to be clearly aware that most of the athletes do not achieve their goals or are injured, after which they end their careers.

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