Secondary female infertility: types and causes

Infertility is a very common problem faced by couples around the world. It would be wrong to believe that only women are “to blame” for this – there is also male infertility. But still, the female reproductive system is more complex, and often the impossibility of conception is associated with violations in this area.

The types of female infertility can be classified according to the presence of previous  pregnancies .

  • Primary infertility. This is a condition in which a woman who is sexually active has never had a pregnancy. In most cases, the reason lies in the structure of the reproductive apparatus or genetic predisposition. For example – a violation of the number or structure of chromosomes.
  • Secondary infertility. This condition is called acquired – such infertility is associated with pathologies in the woman’s body. These include infections, endocrine diseases, and even psychogenic disorders.

With proper therapy, infertility can be successfully treated in most cases.

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For reasons  of reproductive system disorders,  secondary infertility is classified as follows:

  1. Trumpet. In this case, we are talking about blocking the tubal canal – it prevents the movement of germ cells. In most cases, overlap occurs due to adhesions inside or outside the pipes. They are formed for various reasons – these are inflammation, and termination of pregnancy, a history of difficult labor.
  2. Endocrine. This form is associated with diseases of the hormonal system. At the same time, the process of formation of eggs, which are ready for fertilization, is disrupted. There is no ovulation – therefore, pregnancy is impossible. The cause is a disturbance in the work of the endocrine glands – adrenal glands, thyroid gland, ovaries.
  3. Gynecological. As the name suggests, this type of infertility occurs due to gynecological diseases. With proper therapy, fertility can be restored. The most common pathology can be called endometriosis – the so-called proliferation of endometrial cells, which should be located only on the inner surface of the uterus.