Test : Type of Metabolism you have | Shilajit for Metabolism

Test : Type of Metabolism you have | Shilajit for Metabolism

This test will help you determine what type of metabolism you have. The test consists of 49 questions to help you determine your metabolism as accurately as possible.

For each answer, choose the answer that works best for you. Before answering, make sure that this is indeed the case, and not how you would like. Answer honestly questions about your preferences, habits, and reactions.


1) Your breakfast:
a. I don’t have breakfast;
b. anything light like fruit, muesli, toast, cereal, yogurt, etc .;
in. anything more satisfying like scrambled eggs, eggs, bacon, steaks, pancakes, etc .;

2) In the buffet, your choice is:
a. fish and chicken, vegetables and salads, various types of light desserts and fruits;
b. mix of answers a) and c);
in. Heavy and fatty foods like steaks, pork chops, ribs, cheeses, cream sauces

3) Your appetite during lunch:
a. low;
b. average;
in. tall;

4) Your appetite during dinner:
a. low;
b. average;
in. tall;

5) Caffeine works on you:
a. perfectly invigorates, helps to focus;
b. neutral;
in. nausea and nervous state;

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6) Foods that you enjoy eating:
a. fruits, bread, crackers;
b. answers A. and V.;
in. salty food, cheeses, meat;

7) For dinner you prefer to eat:
a. chicken or fish, salad, rice;
b. no difference;
in. hearty foods like pasta, steaks, potatoes;

8.) After dinner, you:
a. need something sweet;
b. I can eat dessert, but I can also do without it;
in. I’m not worried about sweets, I prefer something salty, such as chips, popcorn;

9) What kind of sweets do you prefer:
a. sugar candies, jam;
b. no special preferences;
in. ice cream, cakes;

10) Fatty food before bed, like meat or cheese:
a. will not let me sleep:
b. does not affect my sleep
in any way. promises a sweet dream

11) Carbohydrate food before bed, like bread and crackers:
a. interferes with my sleep, I sleep better with lighter food;
b. does not affect my sleep
in any way. it’s better than nothing, I sleep better after a more satisfying meal;

12) Sweets before bed:
a. do not interfere with my sleep;
b. sometimes they calm me down;
in. do not let me fall asleep all night;

13) How often do you eat during the day:
a. two or three times a day, no snacks;
b. three times, and there may be one additional snack;
in. three times and several snacks;

14) Your attitude to food:
a. I often forget to eat;
b. enjoy food and rarely skip meals;
in. love food is the main part of my life;

15) If you miss a meal, you feel:
a. excellent;
b. I do not feel at my best, but it does not bother me too much;
in. I feel irritable, weak, tired;

16) How much do you like fatty foods:
a. no way;
b. average;
in. it is an integral part of my daily diet;

17) When you eat fruit salad for breakfast or lunch, you feel:
a. satisfied;
b. great, but I really need a snack between meals;
in. dissatisfied and hungry;

18) What kind of food takes away your energy:
a. after a fatty one I am lethargic, apathetic;
b. no food affects my energy lowering;
in. fruits, sweets or pastries give me an instant boost, and then a sharp drop in energy.

19) Your portion of food:
a. small, less than others;
b. average, no more and no less than others;
in. I eat in large portions, more than others;

20) How do you feel about potatoes:
a. no way, I don’t eat it;
b. sometimes I use;
in. I always use;

21) From red meat you;
and. tired;
b. did not notice changes in the state;
in. strong;

22) Salad for lunch is:
a. I feel healthy and energetic;
b. great, but not the best food for me.
in. drowsiness;

23) Salt in food for you:
a. the taste of food is often too salty for me;
b. in sufficient quantity, but do not abuse;
in. I like a lot of salt in my food;

24) Choosing your snack:
a. I don’t really have a snack, but I prefer something sweet;
b. I can have a snack with anything;
in. I need to have a snack, but I prefer meat, cheese, eggs or nuts;

25) How do you feel about pickles, lemon juice, vinegars:
a. I can’t stand it;
b. tolerant, but I do not use it often;
in. I like this kind of food;

26) As soon as you eat something sweet, you feel:
a. sweets satisfy my appetite;
b. neutral, but does not satisfy my appetite;
in. my appetite is not satisfied, I crave more sweets;

27) As soon as you eat bacon, sausages, ham, salmon for breakfast, you feel:
a. drowsiness, apathy, irritability;
b. neutral, my breakfasts are varied;
in. happy and well-fed before dinner;

28) Which of the suggested dinner options do you prefer:
a. grilled fish, salad, rice;
b. combination of answers a. and in;
in. lamb chops, boiled carrots and fried potatoes;

29) When you eat heavy and fatty foods, you:
a. irritable;
b. no special changes;
in. often relieve my hunger and irritability;

30) If you feel anxious:
a. fruits and vegetables calm me down;
b. any food calms me down;
in. fatty food calms me down;

31) You are well focused when:
a. eat fruits and grains;
b. nothing from food particularly affects my concentration;
in. eat meat and fatty foods;

32) You are more depressed when you eat:
a. fatty and heavy foods;
b. food doesn’t affect me that way;
in. fruits, bread, sweets;

33) You notice that you are gaining weight when you eat:
a. fatty foods;
b. did not notice, I get better if I overeat;
in. fruits or carbohydrates;

34) Do you suffer from insomnia, if yes, then the reasons:
a. insomnia from hunger rarely occurs;
b. I rarely have insomnia, but if it does, I need to eat something and then I can fall asleep;
in. I often wake up during the night with a desire to eat, but if I eat before bedtime it relieves insomnia;

35) Your personality type:
a. closed, stay aloof, introvert
b. neither one nor the other;
in. extrovert;

36) Your mental and physical endurance is better when you eat;
and. light proteins like egg white, chicken, fish, fruits;
b. any complete food;
in. fatty food;

37) Your climatic preferences;
and. warm or hot weather;
b. matter;
in. cold climate;

38) You are suffering from chest pain or coughing (if not, skip the question):
c. Yes;

39) Does your skin have a tendency to crackle (if not, skip the question):
c. Yes;

40) You feel dizzy (if not, skip the question):
c. Yes;

41) Your eyes are usually:
a. dry;
b. none of the options;
in. often watery;

42) Your complexion:
a. pale;
b. normal;
in. pink, often reddened;

43) Your nails:
a. thick;
b. medium;
in. thin;

44) You have a gag reflex:
a. I find it difficult to induce vomiting;
b. none of the options;
in. it is very easy to induce vomiting;

45) You have goose bumps:
a. often;
b. sometimes;
in. very rarely;

46) You are more inclined to:
a. constipation;
b. no bowel problems;
in. diarrhea;

47) you have been bitten by an insect, reaction on the skin:
a. soft;
b. medium;
in. strong;

48) Your body type:
a. not tall, stocky;
b. average;
in. tall and thin;

49) Your nose is usually:
a. dry;
b. normal;
in. runny nose;

After you have answered all the questions, count how many answers A., B., or C. you have typed.

  • If you scored more A responses, then you are a slow oxidizer – you have a carbohydrate metabolism.
  • If you scored more B responses, then you are a balanced oxidizer — you have a balanced metabolic type.
  • If you get more B responses, then you are a fast oxidizer – you have a protein type of metabolism.
  • If the number of responses matches A and B, B and C, or A and C, with less than 5 responses, then you have a balanced metabolic type.
  • If you scored an equal number of answers A, B, C, then you have a balanced metabolic type.shilajit


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