The Origin of Shilajit

Shilajit also know as Mumiyo is a healing mountain wax that has many beneficial properties. But he also has contraindications.

Mumiyo is found in the mountains of our country, Iran, Arabia, India, Indonesia, Australia, Burma, Mongolia, Himalayas the mumiyo should also be found in South America. 

In our country, in addition to the regions of Central Asia, Kazakhstan and Siberia, where the predicted resources of mumiyo are estimated at more than two hundred tons, mumiyo and mumiyo-like substances were found in the Caucasus (about 5 tons), in the Far East (basins of the Kuenga and Shilka rivers), in Yakutia (middle reaches of the Lena River, the Aldan River, the Sugun, Ongulakh basins), in Chukotka (in the Kolyma basin).

 In Altai, mumiyo resources are 250 tons. And in the country, some researchers estimate the resources of mumiyo at 500-2000 tons of raw materials. Mumiyo has about 30 local names. Vertically, the geography of mumiyo is limited to mountain zones, but not above the snow line (in Central Asia, for example, it reaches 5,000 m). It is clear that the climate in such areas is dry, with a lack of oxygen, with increased ultraviolet radiation, with strong winds, with sharp fluctuations in daily temperatures.

Shilajit is a healing mountain wax, which is a mixture of plant and animal components. It has been familiar to folk medicine for several centuries, being famous as a remedy for thousands of diseases. The most valuable of its species are the Altai and Eastern. To get the maximum effect from this natural medicine, you need to study the mummy – the beneficial properties and contraindications of the substance.

According to experts, the mummy is the result of high-quality processing of biomass in a mountainous climate. It includes:

  • waste products of animals,
  • plant remains,
  • fragments of bee venom.

The chemical composition of the mummy

This natural substance is composed of:

  • amino acids,
  • metal oxides,
  • essential oils,
  • resins,
  • vitamins,
  • bee venom
  • humic bases.

Its composition is variable, depending on the variety and conditions of formation.

The mummy has a bitter taste, it has a specific smell similar to oil. Interestingly, it almost completely dissolves in water, leaving only a small sediment. But it is absolutely insoluble in alcohol.

Its composition is variable, depending on the variety and conditions of formation.

The organic part of the product is represented by:

  • hydrogen,
  • oxygen,
  • carbon,

The inorganic part consists of minerals (magnesium, aluminum, sodium, calcium, potassium) and rare earth elements (tin, strontium, cesium, rubidium, chromium, barium, antimony, etc.). Some rare earth elements are present as traces, but they are very important for the body.

Impact of mummy on the body

The healing properties of mummy

The main beneficial properties of mummy are manifested in a positive effect on the regeneration and metabolism in the body. This product is involved in synthesis at the cell level. It acts most effectively:

  • on the liver and stomach,
  • with inflammation,
  • as an immunostimulant,
  • in the treatment of bronchial asthma, tuberculosis,
  • as a disinfectant (due to the presence of a fungus similar in properties to penicillin),
  • to restore the structure of nerve cells, blood, tissues,
  • as a stimulant of cardiac activity.

The substance is not characterized by toxicity and allergenicity. It also helps in cases:

  • depletion of the body, including after surgery,
  • migraine,
  • stuttering,
  • diabetes mellitus.

The product optimizes brain activity, improves overall health. This is reflected in improved appetite and sleep, quick restoration of the damaged systems and organs. The drug also improves the condition of the skin, which is widely used in cosmetology.


It is better to refuse the mummy in the state of:

  • pregnancy,
  • breastfeeding,
  • bleeding,
  • high blood pressure (use is permissible in a minimum amount after the advice of a doctor),
  • oncological diseases.

Elderly people should also be careful when taking the substance due to its high biological activity (especially in the presence of cancer). It is believed that with a moderate intake of contraindications mummy can not be afraid.



Mummy selection criteria

There are several types of substances:

  1. “Gold” is red.
  2. “Silver” is white.
  3. “Copper” is blue.
  4. “Dark” is brown-black.

The most popular types are “dark” and “copper” mummies. The high quality product has a black color, soft and shiny texture. In air, it can harden over time.

Ways to use mummy

The substance has a high concentration, so it should be consumed on an empty stomach once a day (preferably in the morning). The dosage can range from 0.15 to 0.2 g. The tablet of a purified pharmaceutical product has a mass of 0.2 g. It can be mixed with plain water, honey, tea, juice, any drink can serve as the basis. The exception is alcohol, which is strictly prohibited during treatment.

Duration of admission is 10 days, then a break is made for 5-10 days. Then the course is repeated. The total duration of treatment includes 3 to 4 repetitions of the course. Experts do not advise using pharmaceutical tablets due to the presence of synthetic additives in them. It is more useful to purchase a mummy in the form of a natural powder

This natural resin successfully strengthens the child’s body. But it must be used in smaller doses and depending on the age of the child:

  • 0.01 g – up to one year,
  • 0.05 g – up to 10 years,
  • then increase the dose to 0.1 g.

Correct use of the product can halve the incidence of colds in children’s institutions. If, in the process of use, the beneficial properties and contraindications of the mummy are taken into account, there is no doubt about its effective healing power.

The use of mummy in traditional medicine

In addition to internal use, the mummy is used externally for the following purposes:

  • instillation,
  • lubrication,
  • preparation of balms and ointments,
  • receiving tinctures and lotions.

A product-based ointment should be applied at bedtime. The softened wax can stick to your hands and spread unevenly over the skin. To avoid this, you need to grease your hands with vegetable oil.

The substance is very useful for external use in cases of various insect bites. It effectively relieves swelling. A good result is obtained with poisoning. The product removes toxic substances, cleansing the body.

To make a lotion from a mummy, you should dilute it with water. Proportions – 0.2-0.5 g of substance per 10 g of water. A napkin is moistened with the resulting solution and applied to the site of fracture, stretching or injury. These procedures provide 90% healing.    

The use of mummy in cosmetology


  • This product is widely used in cosmetology. It is present in products for improving skin condition, strengthening hair, and getting rid of cellulite. At home, it is easy to prepare a cream that works for stretch marks. It will take 3-5 g of mummy.

  • To it you need to add warm water (1 tbsp. L.) And a fat baby cream. Mix all ingredients well and leave to infuse for 15 minutes. Apply the resulting mask to hot skin in a problem area. Massage and do not rinse. After a month, the elasticity of the skin increases, and after a few months, stretch marks go away.

  • To restore the hair structure, you will need a mummy in the form of a 10% solution. It is placed in a spray bottle from which it is distributed over the entire scalp. The composition is washed off after at least an hour. If the hair is too weak, this procedure should be performed up to one month.

  • Another hair nourishing recipe to stimulate hair growth. Mix a little shampoo, honey (1 tablespoon) and mummy (2 g). Rub the resulting composition into the scalp. Wash off after half an hour with a simple shampoo.

  • For skin rejuvenation, combine face cream (1 tbsp. L.) With mummy (14 g). Mix gently. Apply the mask in the evening. Leave on the skin for about 15 minutes. Use warm water for rinsing.

  • The unique composition of the mummy is able to compensate for the lack of vitamins and minerals, including rare earth elements. There is no complete knowledge about the composition of the substance yet, therefore it is not included in the list of medicines by official medicine. But the demand for it is constantly growing, as many people have received obvious benefits from it.