How to avoid stress during Quarantine

How to avoid stress during Quarantine


There is a widespread belief that “all diseases are from the nerves.” One can agree with this statement, one can argue, but it is difficult not to admit: our emotional state directly affects our well-being. Increased stress levels are associated with pressure surges, poor sleep, and hormonal problems.  

How to stay calm when career and financial prospects are cloudy, the news feed is full of panic messages, and the household does not allow you to focus on business? How to avoid panic and maintain good relations with your family? 

We check information, communicate with loved ones, learn new things

 1. Identify the source of stress. Eliminate or minimize its impact. Do you panic reading countless posts and browsing the news? Limit your time on social media. Unsubscribe from pages that duplicate messages about the crisis and stop watching TV. Accept information only from trusted official sources. 

2. Establish a clear daily routine and follow it with the whole family. Compliance with the daily routine helps maintain a sense of order, stability and control over the situation. Set up a daily routine for the whole family so that the children feel involved and responsible. Set aside a place for each activity: one for work, another for playing and watching movies. This will help separate processes and not be distracted by household trifles.




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3. Communicate with family and friends. Being forced to be at home is not a reason to close yourself off from friends and loved ones, call up, arrange family video sessions, share your joys and doubts. Your friends and colleagues are likely to experience disturbing emotions too – support each other, and Skype, Zoom and Facetime will help you with this.

 4. Remember, crisis is not only discomfort, it is a great opportunity to learn new things. Make time for a hobby you love or learn a new one. Ever dreamed of learning how to draw? Have you been planning to improve your knowledge of a foreign language or learn new programs for a long time? Forward! Right now!

 5 Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Smoking and alcohol will not eliminate stress; it will only make it worse. Eat more vegetables and your favorite fruits, exercise, and simple exercise. Observe the quarantine rules, but do not give up walking in the fresh air.

 6. Create a list of helpful stress management techniques. Think about how you dealt with stress before – breathing techniques, music, reading, meditation. Everything that helped before can and should be used now.

 The forces of nature will help to overcome stress 

Vitamins and minerals , sun and fresh air are great helpers in fighting anxiety. Even when there is no opportunity to be in the fresh air regularly, nature will help! Introduce anti-stress herbal preparations into your daily diet. Amrita ‘s Smart Balance complex especially designed to improve concentration and increase the body’s resistance to stress and psychological stress, without the effect of drowsiness.

An important component of the complex is magnesium in the form of a citrate salt. This mineral increases stress resistance, improves memory and thought processes, and is very useful for increased psychological and mental stress. In addition, citrate improves metabolic processes in cells and provides a lot of energy. The Amrita experts also included the extract of Eleutherococcus and Ginkgo biloba in Smart Balance. They reduce fatigue, increase resistance to external stimuli, improve blood circulation in the brain, and the amino acid glycine in the active supplement accelerates the metabolic process in the central nervous system, reduces psycho-emotional stress and improves mood.  Buy the biologically active complex “Smart Balance” from Amrita in our online store, and be calm about yourself and your loved ones!

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