Wedding and Corona virus: to be or not to be?

Wedding and Corona virus: to be or not to be?

Many couples in love do not consider the coronavirus pandemic a threat to their holiday and are determined to get married on the chosen day. However, how safe is it, and is it even allowed?


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The "Sicily Blogs" prepared a question-and-answer blitz on the topic of marriage in the spring of 2021.

Will the registry offices be closed?

The tendency to close the registry offices is not observed even in the capital cities. Registration of marriages is carried out as usual, working hours and days do not change.

How have the rules for registering a marriage changed due to the COVID-19 virus?

At the legislative level, at the end of March 2020, there were no restrictions on the marriage procedure. However, registry offices are asked to invite as few guests as possible to the ceremony in order to reduce the risks of a possible spread of the virus.

Who is obliged to reschedule the wedding?

Lovers who have recently returned from countries with an unfavorable epidemiological situation must endure a 14-day quarantine regime of self-isolation. If the celebration falls on one of the mandatory quarantine days, you will have to postpone it.

Is it safe to get married during the coronavirus pandemic?

The employees of the Wedding Palaces comply with the prescribed sanitary and epidemiological rules, the control of disinfection, the quality of cleaning and the maintenance of the premises has been strengthened. In many departments, antiseptics are presented for both employees and visitors.

Need to wear masks and gloves?

By order of the authorities, some registry offices are already accepting applications, wearing disposable gloves, and also recommend refraining from personal visits, submitting documents online. However, there is no need to spoil wedding photos with medical masks on their faces: such masks are designed to prevent the active spread of the virus from an infected person, and not to provide high-quality protection for healthy people.

Since the situation is constantly changing, “Sicily Blogs” recommends to call the registry office on the eve of the ceremony and to clarify whether any new rules or restrictions have been introduced.


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