What is eco-tourism and how to combine outdoor recreation with raising children?

What is eco-tourism and how to combine outdoor recreation with raising children?

Parents often find it difficult to know how best to organize their children’s vacation. Modern society offers many options – from health camps to group trips abroad. But this implies the separation of the child from the parents. In conditions of constant employment of adults, there is a factor of lack of communication between generations. That is why it is best to leave the city for at least a couple of days and introduce the child to ecological tourism.


What is ecotourism?

Imagine that instead of a boring rest on sun loungers with barbecue and karaoke, you go to the real Ural jungle – the very heart of our eco-park. There, where you can meet a hare, a roe deer and, if you’re lucky, a real bear!

Far from highways and asphalt roads, you will see why the nature of the Southern Urals is so glorious: see every stamen near an exotic rudd, find glades of rare lilies of the valley and even see a titmouse from Bazhov’s fairy tales. We guarantee that children will be delighted.

And here is a light option: to stay in the family camping of the Aspro Resort recreation center and teach children everything that little Redskin leaders need in the wild:

  • pitch a tent;
  • make a fire;
  • cook food over the fire.

Camping conditions, of course, are not wild, but they are quite suitable for those who decided to taste the spirit of freedom.


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Tips for those who go outdoors with children

Before going out into nature, you need to prepare things that are necessary for the hike:

  • tent, “foam” or camping mat, sleeping bag;
  • camping chair;
  • flashlight and spare batteries for it;
  • a skein of strong rope;
  • ax and hacksaw;
  • matches and paper for making fire;
  • kettle, metal rope for hanging the kettle, hooks;
  • dishes – ladle, knives, spoons, bowls, mugs, can opener, cutting board;
  • products – bread, cereals, pasta, canned food, condensed milk, spices, vegetables (carrots, potatoes), sunflower oil, tea, coffee, sweets (not chocolate);
  • warm clothes (even if a hike is planned in the heat);
  • hats;
  • removable linen;
  • socks;
  • spare shoes (sneakers, gym shoes);
  • first aid kit – bandage, cotton wool, plaster, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, activated charcoal, pain relievers, validol, individual drugs that you or your child need;
  • personal hygiene products;
  • toilet paper, napkins;
  • repellents.

Additionally, you can bring badminton rackets, cards, a fishing rod and a guitar so that the time spent with your parents is interesting.

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