What will rise in price in 2021

What will rise in price in 2021

You will have to pay more for cigarettes, train tickets, groceries and goods with imported components.


The rise in prices is a natural course of events associated with annual inflation. But in 2020, two more important factors worked: the coronavirus pandemic and the rise in exchange rates. Let’s take a closer look at what and how much will rise in price.


First of all, food products imported from abroad will rise in price, which is associated with an increase in foreign exchange rates. For example, tea, coffee and cocoa can add 15-20% to the price, says Olesya Lastochkina, senior financial advisor to QBF. Prices will also go up for products that are produced in Russia, but with the use of foreign components.

For example, domestic farms are insufficiently supplied with fodder for livestock, in particular, rapeseed meal. Due to the growth of its cost, dairy products in 2021 may rise in price by 10%. Revision of meat price tags is also inevitable.

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Another factor that will affect the cost of dairy products is the introduction of mandatory labeling. It is applied to the packaging of each product to protect the market from counterfeiting and to confirm the quality of the product. So, at least it was intended. However, this will require additional costs from the manufacturer. And it is logical to compensate them at the expense of the consumer. Now marking is an experiment and in 2021 it should become mandatory On approval of the Rules for the labeling of dairy products with identification means and the specifics of the implementation of the state information system for monitoring the circulation of goods subject to mandatory labeling with identification means in relation to dairy products…

According to Lastochkina, it is possible to predict an increase in prices for seafood . This is due to an increase in the cost of transportation and storage of goods. It is much more profitable to send the catch from the Far East to China than to the central part of Russia.

Imported goods

The reason is in the same exchange rate. The coronavirus is also making its contribution. Here’s what experts say, for example, about technology.

It is assumed that by January-February 2021 office equipment will become more expensive by 10-20%. The prerequisites for the change in price tags are the rising dollar exchange rate and the significant demand that was observed in the first half of 2020, when Russians began to arrange home jobs.

Olesya Lastochkina, Senior Financial Advisor, QBF

At the same time, at the beginning of the year, the stores were selling equipment that had been brought to Russia even before the lockdown. The change in the cost of electronics has already begun, and it will be stretched over time.


Drug labeling becomes mandatory in 2020 Federal Law of December 28, 2017 No. 425-FZ “On Amendments to the Federal Law” On the Circulation of Medicines ” that will continue to affect the price. But that’s not all.

This year, the situation was aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic: the cost of some drugs increased due to restrictions on production due to quarantine. In early 2021, we should expect a planned revision of selling prices by manufacturers.

Vasily Artamonov, executive director of the Eapteka company

Alcohol and cigarettes

Excise taxes on tobacco products will increase in 2021 Federal Law dated 15.10.2020 No. 321-FZby 20% instead of the planned 4%. The excise tax rate for cigarettes and cigarettes will be 2,359 rubles per thousand pieces, for electronic cigarettes – 60 rubles per piece. Excise tax per kilogram of tobacco will grow by more than 600 rubles – up to 3,800 . Prices will increase accordingly . On average, a pack of cigarettes will cost 20 rubles more.

Excise taxes on alcohol will also change, though not so dramatically.


Housing and communal services will rise in price from July 1, but how much depends on the region. The government of the Russian Federation determines only the maximum percentage of growth that the subjects cannot exceed.

In 2021, the maximum growth index is set Order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated October 30, 2020 No. 2827-rfor Chechnya – 6.5%, in second place is the Novgorod region with an indicator of 6.4%. The lowest index is in the Murmansk region, it is 3.2%. But the final decision remains with local officials, so the exact values should be looked for on the website of the local executive authority, and they may be less than the maximum permissible.

Recall that housing and utilities include gas supply, hot and cold water supply, sewerage, heating, electricity and garbage disposal. Other payment services may also rise in price, but this will already be influenced by other factors, for example, the decision of the general meeting of apartment owners.

Mobile communications and internet

According to the information analytical agency TelecomDaily, in 2021, providers are planning TelecomDaily poll: in 2021 operator rates are up again raise fees for their services by 10-20%.

The reasons for the rise in prices are the consequences of the pandemic, the depreciation of the ruble, and the need for investment in the infrastructure required to comply with the so-called Yarovaya package.

Olesya Lastochkina, Senior Financial Advisor, QBF

Train tickets

Fares for travel in reserved seat and shared carriages will increase On the indexation of rates, dues and fees for work (services) performed by JSC Russian Railways, JSC Federal Passenger Company, JSC Passenger Company Sakhalin, JSC AK Railways of Yakutia, JSC TC Grand Service Express “by 3.7%. Similar changes await fees for services related to baggage transportation.


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